1 - 1 - image Coconut bottles July 2015It’s time to start ordering Starbucks summer drinks with coconut! This means you can order the Mocha Coconut Blended Frappuccino, Mocha Coconut Light Frappuccino, a hot mocha coconut drink, the Coconut Creme Blended Frappuccino, or experiment with coconut syrup in something like a cool lime Refresher. You should be seeing bottles of coconut syrup turning up everywhere!

Coconut won’t be around for long. Starbucks sent their stores only a limited supply just to get through the hot summer weather.

Starbucks first offered the Mocha Coconut Frappuccino in 2002, and due to its popularity, it returns most summers to Starbucks stores everywhere.

The two most popular drinks are the Coconut Creme Blended Frappuccino and the Mocha Coconut Blended Coffee Frappuccino.

Blended Creme Coconut FrappuccinoThe Coconut Creme Blended Frappuccino is coconut syrup, whole milk, whipped together with ice (and a special Frappuccino base) and topped off with whipped cream and toasted coconut flakes.




The Mocha Coconut FrappuccinoThe Mocha Coconut Blended Coffee Frappuccino is Frappuccino roast (an Italian Roast coffee), mocha sauce, whole milk, a special Frappuccino base, and topped with whipped cream that gets sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes, and drizzled with mocha sauce.


Enjoy! What’s your favorite coconut drink at Starbucks?