First and Pike Starbucks: a unique and gorgeous Clover store

On March 13, 2009, Starbucks opened the gorgeous beacon Starbucks at the corner of First and Pike* Street, at the entrance to the Pike Place Market.  I still remember walking in that first day when it was brand new and taking it all in.  This Starbucks was the first in the new “heritage” design style, and one of the company’s first stores to be LEED Certified, and it was the first Starbucks to get two Clover brewers.

The store’s address is as follows:

Starbucks store #14870
102 Pike Street
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 903 8010

This morning I got up early and walked down the hill to the First and Pike Starbucks.  It was roughly about 6:45 a.m. when I arrived, and the store was still stunningly quiet.  The store was so quiet at that hour that I immediately began to take photos of the near empty store.  In fact, I had wanted to drop by and take a close look at the lighting fixtures because it relates to a future blog post that I am working on.  I used my phone to take the pics, and not my camera because I wasn’t initially planning a blog article.  (My apologies if they look low quality).

This was the first photo that I snapped.  I love the sight of the Public Market sign in the background behind the outdoor seating of the First and Pike Starbucks:

Once inside the store, there are small, round, signet-style plaques describing attributes and features of the store that helped lead to its LEED certification.  The lights inside the store are about the same shape, and similar style as those found in the first Starbucks (located a few blocks away at 1912 Pike Place).  I have heard that these lights are meant to echo the original store’s lighting, and be reminiscent of that store; however there are a couple of huge differences.  The lighting used at First and Pike is energy efficient, whereas the first store uses its historic lighting fixtures, which consumes more electricity than this store.  Notice that there is a plastic covering piece  that says “Starbucks Fresh Roasted Coffee” on it.  I wasn’t sure how to get a photo of the lights and get the words to show up.  This was the best one I took, after randomly pressing a ton of buttons on my phone’s camera.

The two photos below are NOT from First and Pike, but rather from 1912 Pike Place.  I walked down to 1912 Pike Place and tried to take a couple of photos that featured the store’s lighting fixtures:

Here’s a photo of the lighting fixtures at First and Pike:


As I was wildly pressing buttons and clicking things on my phone, I inadvertently discovered that this store (First and Pike Starbucks) looks really kind of cool in “negative”:

More than two years after its opening, the store is still an extremely photogenic store.  By the way, in the photos below you may notice that this store has some merchandise that is very unique, and otherwise is only available at the first Starbucks.  A few of the mugs are available only at this store as well as 1912 Pike Place, and this store offers the Pike Place Special Reserve coffee, available only at this store and 1912 Pike Place.

The store’s first manager was Leah Regan.  She is a wonderful person, and I still really enjoy visiting with her when I see her at Starbucks events.  I miss her and wish that she were still the store’s manager.  She radiates talent and intelligence, and stays upbeat all the time.  Unfortunately for this store (but good for the corporation) she was promoted  into a position at the headquarters.  Thankfully, Starbucks found a great partner to take over the store.  The current store manager is “Josh.”  (Well, there was a brief interlude between Josh and Leah with a different store manager, who, mysteriously, was only in this store a few months.)

The store is so photogenic that it still pops up now and then in Starbucks-produced content.  Those readers who are familiar with are probably used to seeing this image of this store:

I realize that I didn’t get a great photo of the store’s large community table.  I wish I had taken a photo of that table the day the store opened.  Etched in the community table is artwork describing the life cycle of a coffee bean.  One of the store’s walls is decorated with burlap coffee sacks from the Kent Roasting Plant.  Throughout the store the beams, woodwork, and many fixtures are from fallen trees and repurposed materials.  On one of the walls are historic photos of the first Starbucks.

So without delay, here are a few more pictures from my visit to this Starbucks today:

I featured some photos of this store in a March 8, 2011 blog article called “Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz rings the NASDAQ bell kicking off 40th anniversary festivities.”  That’s still a fun post to look at and highly recommended.

I hope you enjoyed a tour of this unique Starbucks!  Feel free to comment below.



*Pike Street and Pike Place are two different streets in Seattle.  Pike Place runs north-south, and is a small old, brick road inside the Market.  Pike Street is a larger, busy street, and it runs east-west.




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  • James Warwick

    This is a beautiful looking store. I would not expect anything less from Starbucks. I NEED to visit this store asap

  • Melody

    @James – Get there early in the morning! 😉 This store is busy all the time with tourists who are visiting the market. I love this store. I am a bit emotionally attached to it. I had the really palpatable excitement right before the day of the store opening. This store began a new era of store design for Starbucks. I didn’t know what was coming after that, but I couldn’t wait. I walked in early the day it opened – Saw Howard and Cliff there – and I could just feel it was the beginning of a new era, like a new Starbucks chapter. When Howard returned, we really saw a resurgence in changing store design to something far less cookie cutter. All that excitement of 2008 and 2009 was part of my daily life being right here in Seattle. And there are partners who have been at that store for a long time. It’s a great store. Sorry for the long reply to you. You can tell I really like this store.

  • James Warwick

    I love the long reply! I can see your real passion for the place! I wish my store was half the look of Pike Place. You can tell everyone wants the right thing for Starbucks and you can see it clearly. I love to get a bit of money and visit starbucks all over the world. Been to the Disneyland Paris PEET store. that was beautiful. will have a photo soon :)

  • purple1

    Melody I love all the pics especially the negative one you took. What a beautiful store! I just still cannot understand why this design theme is not being brought to a local store around here. Just yesterday I mentioned to the SM at my local SB about one of the pieces of artwork that needed attention and although he saw that it did not seem like he would do anything other than wait for a new poster to replace it. Felt sad that there did not seem to be any connection like what you say occurs with the SM by you. I do like the SM though, but there is a difference for sure.

  • denise r

    of course, another beautiful store! I especially like the beams. gorgeous. actually don’t care for the chairs so much. but, overall, beautiful!

    I did notice the horizontal arrangement of the coffee behind the Clovers. per previous discoussion, is this correct? or (likely) am I opposite in my head? (I’d have to look back) and am about to take a beloved nap, in the wonderful a/c with this high degree/humid weather. you’d die Melody! just had my quad doubleshot which sadly was made wayyyyyy too sweet! ruined, really. I saw the guy put the splends in but msybe they also added the classic…..or maybe 3 splenda, inadvertantly. Oh well, that’s the univesral doubleshot story:(

  • Melody

    @Denise – You crack me up. It got up to about 73 or 74 maybe even 75 yesterday and I thought I was going to melt. Yes, Clover Reserve coffees are supposed to be displayed horizontally. I’d never leave the house if I were you. A/c! Of course, in Seattle a/c is almost non existent from the ordinary person’s home.

  • GAStarbucksGirl

    I’ll be there 1 month from today :)

  • Amy in Boston

    Love the design of this store- One day, I’ll visit Seattle :)

  • Chgo.

    Looking at the outside of this store, I think it’s nice to be able to sit outside and have that glass canopy overhead protecting you from let’s say rain. There isn’t much room out there, but having something other than an umbrella overhead is nice. Since we are on topic of Clover stores….I’m also hoping to try the Jamaica Blue Mountain on a Clover this week.

    @Denise – This weather sux! Hey – I ran into the DM at Harlem and Lake this afternoon and complained about all the French and Italian Roast. I also mentioned that that location would make for a great Clover Location. He agreed, as he has none in his District, and feels the same about the idea. The drawback: His claim is that Starbucks will only do it on a remodel of a store and that store is too new.

    @Mel – 73° – 74°??? Sure… Rub it in!

  • Melody

    @Chgo – Despite that it might look nice to site outside, I don’t know that it really would be! This little actually isn’t that great of an area. 3rd & Pike and 4th & Pike are in many ways hot spots for drug loitering activities. This store looks great at 6:45 in the morning when there are no people, but it is the kind store that has deal with a very urban population of indigent folks. It’s okay but outside isn’t really that great. And the outside along 1st Avenue borders the “Lusty Lady” strip joint. (Or it’s some kind of topless bar, I don’t remember what.)

    As to getting a Clover, I think I’ve heard it said that Starbucks wans to put a cap on the total of number Clover/ Reserve stores that there can be in order keep being able to source the smaller coffees. Don’t quote me on that. All I know is that there was a partner in Bellingham who made a comment something like “we had to fight to get a Clover.” It’s an uphill battle trying to persuade the SSC to give a store a Clover!

    Hey, we’re used to 50 to 55 degrees year round here in Seattle. (or at least for 10 months).

  • Chgo.

    I will take the Seattle weather all year round over Chicago’s weather anytime. I’m not sure I would be thrilled about the rain, but it doesn’t rain here anymore, it storms. As far as the are this store is located, I still like the idea of the glass canopy overhead minus the neighborhood. It’s funny…. Starbucks wouldn’t dream of opening up a store in some good areas of Chicago, let alone one in a shady area like this location. And this store supports a Clover in this area? Hmmm! Well…. I still enjoy all the pics and the stories Mel. As always, you do a great job. God Bless!

  • Melody

    @Chgo – This store is incredible mix of people coming through it. A few regulars possibly from the market (or other nearby places). A huge huge crowd of people (tourists) who are coming to and from the market. The foot traffic opportunity on that corner is huge. Possibly a few business people, but it’s not really a business-people type store like Key Tower, Smith Tower, or Columbia Tower. And a few homeless people. And a few rough types.

  • Michelle

    Melody – Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see it! I will definitely put it on my list of must see places.

  • Anthony

    I visited this store not long after it opened (I think May 2009). I especially like the communal table. There’s a great cafe chain called Le Pain Quotidien that has them.

  • nematode

    photos of other stores depress me we just got a horrible remodel half done, things done have had to be fixed . chairs stolen outside just terrible

  • Kaori

    Again, I am such a fan of the new wood texture look that a lot of the Starbucks stores have lately! Really beautiful, Melody. I love that shot from outside that you took of the market, too! And I really wish they’d bring the new siren logo mug cups out here in Japan…so pretty 😀

  • Donna Lantz

    Hubby is surprising me with a trip to Seattle for the weekend prior to our 25th Wedding Anniversary. I have worked with Starubucks for over 5 yeaars and my main hot spot to see is Pike Starbucks. I’m and opener at my Indiana store so I;m looking forward to sitting outside waiting for them to open.

    I heard partners could visit the Starbucks Support Center. Anyone know that to be true or have any info???

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