Starbucks is testing an Apple Crumble Latte and Apple Crumble Frappuccino in Charlotte, North Carolina.  Has anyone here tried it?  I think it sounds better as a cold drink idea than a hot drink.  Of course I reserve judgment until I have given it a try!

This morning I was tweeting with twitter-friend “NationHahn,”  and he mentioned that he wanted the Apple Crumble Latte to go national.  At first, I thought he was referring to the current Starbucks Japan promotional beverage.  In September this year, Japan did indeed launch an Apple Crumble Latte.  I had read about, and seen pictures of the Japan promotional beverage on Kaori’s Starbucks Blog.   My twitter-friend corrected me, and said that this beverage is a fall promo beverage throughout Charlotte, North Carolina.  He emailed me the attached photo.

Sure enough, it’s a test beverage in Charlotte.  And NationHahn left me with the instructions, “It is so good, tell Howard and co to bring it to the masses.” 😉 (You should be reading that in a light-hearted tone of voice.)

So do tell.  What do you think of this drink idea?

Thank you NationHahn for your generous permission to use this photo.

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