Starbucks has an idea to make your Nitro Cold Brew even more fun to drink. A new lid:

2017 April 16 Nitro Cold Brew with new lid

Yep. It does look like a sippy cup lid for adults!

If you just stick a green straw into the nitro cold brew, you bypass all the lovely foam on top of the drink which gives it a lot of texture and flavor. By drinking from a sippy lid, you get the full nitro experience!

Here’s another look at it:

2017 April 16 Nitro Cold Brew with new sippy lid

It seems like a big thing to stock one more special lid for nitro cold brew. In my mind, this makes more sense if Starbucks’ plan is to really their nitro lineup to offer a range of nitro offerings. Starbucks has experimented with a couple of different nitro-infused beverages:

You could think of it in the same way that you think about the fact that there are two lengths of green straws to improve the customer experience – you could have two lids. The new lid is definitely an added expense and will be one more thing for partners to store and stock.

I have heard a rumor that this new lid is eventually coming to all stores that offer nitro cold brew.

If you know more than me, please weigh in. I like the new lid – you get to drink your nitro cold brew and get both lovely foam and cold brew in one sip. As I’ve mentioned, it makes more sense (in my humble opinion) if there’s a whole range of nitro draft options (or nitro recipes), not just one single nitro offering.

If you don’t know what nitro cold brew is, I recommend you read this article here.

One interesting thing is that if you really like the new sippy cup lid, I assume you could just ask for it on any iced beverage! Don’t like green straws? Ask for a sippy cup lid (assuming you’re in a store that offers nitro cold brew).